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what costumes shall the poor girl wear
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Date:2005-03-12 13:55
Mood: no ferret can express my joy

so last night robin and i got a lapdance from the godfather of grunge, on his tour bus. how did everyone else spend their friday evening?
i got sexually harassed the whole night by some drunk ass motherfucker. steve, you better fucking watch out, i'm driving down to athens, georgia and i'm going to kick your ass. i'm never wearing something where someone has so much access to my bare skin again. fuck. i was about to cry. i have a bruise on my hipbone from how hard i was pressed up against the stage trying to escape this man.
oh, we were front row center, we met paul westerberg (he called robin a "doll) and the bassist and the drummer, and paul stretched himselves across our laps for about 10 seconds and promptly rolled on the floor of the bus. slut. it was the closest i have ever come to groupiedom, which is where i want to be.
pictures of this are coming, i promise.
today is the nicest day EVER. i want to go cruising so bad. madison avenue, watch out!

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Date:2005-03-11 15:31

i'm bedecked out in my best intellectual groupie gear, cause it's the paul westerberg concert tonight. top that, bitches! now if i can find the digital camera i will take some pictures. later.

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Date:2005-03-10 21:30
Subject:kiss my ass, i have no class.
Mood: amused

                                                                       Lou says:


                                                          "Come to Battle of the Bands!"

i dare anyone to look at that and not laugh. go ahead. try.

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Date:2005-03-07 21:17
Subject:severin, severin, down on your bended knee.
Mood: amused

i would very much like to read "venus in furs". can you imagine how hilarious that would be for me to travel around with that in hand?
what the fuck am i going to wear to paul westerberg?
and last but not least, i think i am a sociopath. go figure.

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Date:2005-03-04 16:10
Subject:i'm a broken man.
Mood:fuck this

this here's my broken band. from a broken land. we take the good with the bad.

gang of fourCollapse )

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Date:2005-02-28 19:42
Subject:i know you like me but then you don't know what you like
Mood: pensive

i see the lou reed kid everywhere at school lately. i wonder if he too has had a trannie girlfriend. and if he does heroin.
i died (that's right--it's dead) my hair reddish (red pulse, to be exact) last night. it looks just a little bit retarded. it was supposed to look like elise crombez's hair, but i guess i'll attempt that some other week.
this weekend i would like to have a rebellious teen movie marathon--rebel without a cause, blackboard jungle, and the like. we can listen to the shangri-las and the raveonettes and afterwards sneak into the drive-in with candy from the peanut-shoppe. i'll wear my polka-dot skirt and vintage pink heels. come on.
anyway. question of the day. why is belgian fashion so fucking gloomy? what do they have to be so sad about? when i picture belgium, i don't picture a state of a never-ending funeral, but that's what it seems to be like.
today in exxon, i saw a woman beating her very small child because she picked up a piece of candy she couldn't have. while i was standing in the same aisle, she just started smacking her across the head and face and then picked her up and shook her. the poor thing was screaming. what kind of society do we live in that it's acceptable to have a heavy dose of domestic violence served with your afternoon coffee? but what do i know, this could have the most godawful brat in the world and that could have been the final straw. i just walked away. it's a little ironic that i was more embarassed than the mother herself. some psychology student, please explain this to me.

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Date:2005-02-27 15:02
Subject:kiss the boot of shiny shiny leather
Mood: groggy

what does everyone think of these? they are only $8. i'm dying for some boots.          

last night we saw "bad education". woo wee. actually, for an nc-17, it showed NO DICK. too bad. it was all right, but i felt like i was watching three different films, and not in a good way. also, we were sitting in the very front of the movie theater and had to basically lay horizontally flat to see the screen.  oh. about the zine. the pictures are so good. i don't have a scanner, so the polaroids (which are the best) will have to be posted some other time. actually taking the pictures was scary as hell, because we were truly in a decrepit, deserted place. this hobo walked right by and we all almost had syncronized heart attacks. later in the night we screamed "TITS" at my longtime crush. shit. i'm positive he didn't see me, though. ok, i'm done. later.

P.S.- does anyone want to have an impromptu oscar party tonight? (i'm just looking for a reason to cook food).

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Date:2005-02-26 08:46

so the first zine shoot is today. be there or be irredeemably, irretrievably square. if you're ready to vamp it up, or laugh it up, please come. we're meeting up around 2 or 3-ish, call me (270-7259) for where we are. bring all your clothes that are black, i will give you more specifics when you call. there will be a big plate of chocolate chip cookies and some loud-ass music. please come, brock, we need a boy. so come on everybody! (i really don't know how to advertise)

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Date:2005-02-22 16:05
Mood: eager

i'm about two weeks late saying this, but kai left as four.  that means our chances of seeing something like this:


on the new york runways is now slim to none. oh well. christie made a good post about nashville, so all i have to do is reinforce the fact that everyone and anyone who is prone to wearing the same hilarious thing every weekend is up for fashion icon status in the zine. please don't be offended.

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Date:2005-02-16 21:32
Subject:i'm just second hand news, i'm just second hand news!
Mood: ambitious

last night christie and i went to the great muffin fest of '05 at perkins with will and co. i had a really nice time. i couldn't shut up, but ah well. it made me feel even more excited about college. going out to eat with people you barely know! how amazing. i don't go out to eat with the people i do know.
today katherine and elizabeth and i went to go see "the story of the weeping camel" at highland quartet. $4, all the time. that place is a steal. i really liked the movie. the juxtaposition of the beyond ancient with the ultra-modern is really interesting. maybe i'll become an anthropologist for a day. all the japanese (language studying) kids were at the movie, screaming and laughing and carrying on conversations the ENTIRE time. fuck those little shitasses. tomorrow i might just go give them a talking to behind the auditorium after school. not like they'd listen, they're all just ritalin addled little shits anyway. it's amazing that that group can even exist--they must be so loud because they're all vying for attention at the exact same time. well, well. it's nice taking my anger out on some people who actually deserve it.
apparently the sno cone place out near borders still exists. i'm definitely hitting that up friday afternoon. where else in this fine city can you find anything cantalope flavored? honestly.
visions of glory (more like glorious visions of mediocrity) have been swirling in my head for the past few days. we all know what that means. my band, my zine, my attempts at making my own clothes. all i know is that i'm going to a '20s-themed jazz bar/restaurant this weekend, and i could not be happier. after which we'll probably head over to the muse. this side of paradise indeed.

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Date:2005-02-14 20:35
Subject:your phone's off the hook, but you're not!
Mood: anxious

i learned many things this weekend, among them that you won't die if you drink soda and eat pop rocks at the same time, that the basement of empire coffee rules, that robin williams made a record, and that at some point last semester bb attended the u of m. wow. i also saw malcolm mclaren's cock (great rock and roll swindle), something i had never realized that i wanted to avoid at all costs until it stared at me in the face on the tv screen.
this weekend we are going to nashville. rbg won't go. hahaha. we are also seeing the glass on friday night. it will be nothing but a 3-day party.
speaking of parties, on may 14th i'm going to nashville to see the raveonettes. that means i have exactly 3 months to the day to find the perfect red chiffon vintage dress. it will be unbelievable. oh, apparently the angel sluts played in nashville this past weekend, but sadly i was not there. too bad.
today christie gave me a box of mini moon pies and a bag of candy corn for valentine's day. robin gave me a hp valentine, and elizabeth gave out sugarless brownies (don't be offended, you saw how fast i ate mine). i got nothing for anyone. (je n'a donne rien a personne--look at those double negatives).
the only negative part of the weekend was the $25 ticket i got for parking in the wrong section of the u of m. i'm not paying that shit. you can take my ticket and shove it up your ass, university of memphis.
i am feeling pretty apprehensive. about this weekend, about how i tried to fix my pathetic little self up, and about the pre-cal work i do not understand.

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Date:2005-02-10 18:10
Subject:look out honey cause i'm using technology
Mood: blank

hello. i am back. tomorrow i have a big day ahead of me, including lunch at the oh so classy tiger den. this week has gotten a lot better than i thought it would be. last night we celebrated the chinese new year at asian palace. yesterday i also bought a shitload of new clothes. and the new issue of nylon. and, if things work out, i could end up with a MAN. not really a man, a boy. anyway. i would like to go take some pictures downtown this weekend with all my new film, but i might just have to carry the camera everywhere i go. don't be alarmed if i do that. shit. i can't stop rambling. also, i can't stop thinking about 30 year old men.
in completely unrelated news, robin and i are going to paul westerberg. i can't wait. no tommy stinson, but hey, maybe i can get my worn out cassette copy of don't tell a soul signed. i don't have anything else to say.
p.s.- hayden, i found you.

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Date:2005-02-03 18:27
Subject:i'm a better liar
Mood: apprehensive

for some reason, i have a strange vision of myself sitting in the sauna crying tomorrow night while "who says (it's good to be alive)?" plays. mmm. sounds like every friday night for me. actually i haven't cried in several months. in the immortal words of richard hell, "it's because you have no emotions ha ha ha." ne'er has a truer word been spoken.
oh well, pretty soon high school will be over (it already is psychologically) and i can (hopefully) quit been so petty and paranoid. petty and paranoid--my two middle names. i can't wait for my life to start. or at least to roam around with 18,000 other kids that i don't know and pretend that my anonymity is the reason i have no friends. let me complain some more, ok? might as well get it all out (why i write on this fucker instead of calling one of my 5 friends, i don't know). school is HELL. i don't talk to anyone (i don't even open my mouth,hmm,that sounds really odd) until 11:00 every day, and i feel like the only people i have around me are just there because of the other members of the gang of four(i'm not calling us the fab four anymore) (haha working class british punk reference, aren't i clever). what a long sentence. i'm just exhausting myself. if anyone reads this shit, sorry.

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Date:2005-01-31 17:49
Subject:friends don't let friends have friends who let...
Mood: indescribable

i need:

some film.
a watch.
to finish my research paper.
"please kill me".
a cup of coffee.
to stop posting.
to start being nice.
the new issue of nylon.
to paint my nails.
to get my car back.
to get a life.

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Date:2005-01-30 15:15
Subject:get it on bang a gong get it on
Mood: sick

first things first. apparently people read this shit besides my four friends. how embarassing. since i have an audience, i'll work at being as awful as i can.
yesterday i got ANOTHER dumbass haircut (i just can't say no to those). then christie and i went to some vintage sale in a woman's attic where i bought "heavier than heaven" for 50 cents. we met up with elizabeth, robin, and margaret to eat the best meal of my life at dino's. (you try going from 9 until 4:30 without eating and i guarantee you that you will love the food you do eat) i bought alanna some "all nite long" female performance enhancing pills for her birthday. i had a really great time at her party. her music collection is awe-inspiring. 11,000 songs. i could sit in front of that computer for days on end. i ate a shitload of cake, and then i saw some truly horrifying pictures and ran out of there as fast as i could. we went to the buccaneer and heard some awesome music and i stared hard at the bassist from the angel sluts. pint-size but fucking hot. apparently (using that word again) christie kept getting harassed (sorry) but i was standing on a chair and didn't notice. it's amazing the people that come out of the woodwork to go to those shows. robert is the nicest person i've ever met, because he dealt with that godawful hobo to walk us to our car. newsflash to all hobos (hoboes?): if you want money, don't call the person you're asking a stingy bitch. take that information to heart, kids. i'm gonna go hang out at the library now.

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Date:2005-01-29 11:11
Subject:yeah i got some money and tonight i'm gonna spend it

operation (ahem) "glass-blowing" (thanks lauren) didn't go quite as planned. probably because he wasn't there. ah well. there are plenty other opportunities for me to act like a whore.
it's fucking cold outside. yesterday we ran for what must have been 20 minutes across the u of m campus in the freezing rain, only to discover that the tiger den was closed. thanks a lot, bp.
i have $40, and i'm itching to spend it all today. tonight i'm going to a party and then to see some GARAGE ROCK.
this whole entry goes hand in hand with chrisite accusing me of being schizophrenic and telling me i was nothing more than a "word salad." i guess every group has to have its token obnoxious member, and in our group, that would be me. too bad i don't give a shit.
is rbg awake at 11 o'clock? i need to use the hot glue gun.

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Date:2005-01-27 17:40

jenny sucks

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Date:2005-01-26 16:14
Subject:ooh baby you're looking like a hundred dollars! WHOA!
Mood: bored

tomorrow is international day at school. i'm actually dressing up, as a french girl. oh boy. my outfit makes me look like some strange rockabilly parody of myself. at least it requires effort. these past few days have been ridiculous. i've been physically dead. i mean, when i start putting my hair into a ponytail for christ's sake, you know it's bad, because my hair's too short and it all falls out. today i wore bright pink tights and solid black otherwise without realizing that i was dressing exactly how the eleventh graders were instructed to. fuck this entry is pointless.
the apes are coming to the deli on march 18th. they are funny, weird, a little pretentious, and don't have any guitars. sounds like magic. this weekend i would like to go to goner fest, if anyone's up for it. it's $8 though, which sucks, but i've always wanted to go to the bucanneer (spelled incorrectly) and i'm sure the crowd will be very interesting. maybe i'll accidentally run into someone who likes the seeds and the pretty things, so i can stop pining away for some talented 30 year-old alcoholic loser with no real job. oh, in other news, i need a prom date. i'll just slip that in there. here's a personals ad while i'm at it: 5'5", dark hair, blue eyes, likes shows, black pants, and the crackle of old lps. so maybe if i leave this here for 3 months i won't have to attend alone. if all else fails, nisha will just be my date. fuck my life. hahahaha.

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Date:2005-01-23 18:19
Subject:all in a line!
Mood: anxious

last night we went to a truly amazing show. the bands were great, the crowd was great, the brads were even better...
i don't have much to say. i have a lot to do though. later.

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Date:2005-01-22 12:34

everyone needs to go to www.thedailynice.com at least once a day. the picture for today made me double over laughing. proving that i am not 17 years old, but 6.

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